1 EZ-Takeouts.com以每天少於一元的费用給缺乏電腦技能的餐館店主提供一個自己操作的網絡下單平台

EZ-Takeouts.com is an internet food ordering platform for restaurant owners who have little or no computer skill to operate their own online ordering business for less than $1 a day.

2 這網絡下單系統是增添並推廣你的網購生意不是代替你現有各個網上服務商。

This is an additional platform to increase your online business not intended to replace  any of your current  vendors.

3我們會拹助你一步步的從如何註冊自己的域名到設立支付網關, 使你能在網上收受信用咭支付。

We will guide you every step to set up your online  ordering. From register your domain name to setting up a gateway so you can accept credit card payments.


No high fee or commission. For less than $1  a day you can run your own online ordering business. No hidden fees or charges

5當有新定單時,系統會自動發出傳真*和/或短信*給你, 所以沒有網絡連接或跟本不上網都沒有問題。(*電訊费由10 ¢ /傳真 5¢/ 短信起)

No internet access or do not go on line at all. No problem. We will send you  fax* or/and text messages* when you have new orders.

(*Fee from10 ¢ /fax page 5¢/ text message)

6 改善你的現金周轉。不要讓別人握住你自己的錢,交易後馬上收到你的金錢,收回你的生意控制權,不要讓高佣金侵蝕你的利潤。

Improve your cash flow. Don’t let them hold your own money. Get your money right after the sale. Take back the control of your business. Don’t let high commission eat into your profit.

7為你自己的顧客服務,不是為他們的顧客服務,推廣你自己的網絡生意, 不是他們的網絡生意。

Service your own customers not their customers.

Promote  your own online order business not their business

8 想知道你的網絡生意如何,可查取銷售報告,並可轉載給會計師。

Want to know how your business is doing. Get the sales reports. Export them for your accountant


Do not have time to manage. Let someone with limited access run your daily operation.

10可利用社交網絡 Facebook, Twitter, Google+


Share your web store with friends on Social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Google+

Offer them discounts or give them the vouchers for promotional items


All customers are your customers. You can serve them better by offering them discounts, giving them vouchers and sending them news letters directly from you.

12. 自我輸入餐單目錄,不求於人隨時可以更改價目。

Do it yourself menu input: You can edit and change your menu at anytime.

13. 網絡下單不用人手聽電話,在繁忙時間節省人力,減少錯漏。

Online ordering will save your money and avoid human errors.